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Electronic Product Design


Electronic Product Design


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Electronic Product Design

Cypher Instruments offer an electronic product design service, we have over fifty years experience in the design of electronic products for both the consumer and professional market.

The electronic product design team with all of it's experience ensure that you will have the finest products that will last for years with the minimum amount of maintenance, they have the capacity to create bespoke electronic products for a wide range of industries using both analogue and digital electronics.

If the design of the electronic product you require needs to have embedded code , signal processors using a digital signal, drivers for a universal serial bus or electronics for personal computer or mac applications then we can deliver the best possible products.

Our expertise in electronic product design allows us to have unrivalled knowledge in controlled motors, products which can be used scientifically for the testing and measurement of a whole host of elements, ultrasonic lasers is another field in which we specialise, so as you can gather from the above statement we deal in just about everything electronically from low noise amplifiers to the acquisition of electronic data.

The latest electronic product that our design team has created is the c60 this was designed to provide a low cost solution to our clients who require a measurement device for scientific testing. The c60 will measure with the greatest accuracy amplitude, phase and the responses of impedance for a wide range of systems that are both electronic and electro-acoustic. The results that are measured on the system will then be passed on to your pc which can be connected by usb or transferred in other different ways in a form of a graph which you can customise yourself.