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Filter Design


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Filter Design

Applications in which the new C60 from Cypher Instruments may be used include filter design and testing, component evaluation, cross talk and CMRR measurements and many others.

We would highly recommend the C60 for people who are looking into or are heavily involved in filter design, with the C60 you can test the filters that you have designed to determine the amplitude response for both the high and low pass of the fourth order, the low pass of the eigth order as well as the eight kilohertz filter design module.

If you are going to design a filter which will incorporate a state of cotrollable voltage and the control range varying between one and a hundred our C60 will offer a frequency range between nineteen kiloherz and one and a half megahertz. The C60 provides the filter designer with four seperate outputs being low pass, high pass, band pass and variable notch.

As well as being an essential item for filter design, our new C60 helps with a wide range of other applications such as measuring the amplitude and phase response of the frequency of many different network applications that use electronic, acoustic and electrical signal outputs.

You can measure the impedance of two totally different network terminals including the phase impedance output, if you use electro acoustic transducers this product will aid you greatly in both the design and production of these products.

For people involved in bio chemicals the C60 is ideal for measuring the impedance of the chemicals that you will be using, filter design and testing personnel will find this product a must to have in their laboratory or work place, the C60 will also benefit people who require the testing of the impedance of batteries on a daily basis.

Other applications in which this product will be useful include measuring the impedance and characteristics of different cables, you can evaluate different electronic components and it will give you a good idea of the sort of time delays or latency you could expect from systems you have designed.