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The C60 – A breakthrough in test and measurement

Probably the world’s smallest, lightest, lowest power, feature rich, network analyser
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Impedance Analyzer - Cypher Instruments

Impedance Analyzer

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome to the Cypher Instruments website, home of the C60 impedance analyzer designed by Adam Fullerton and Tim Orr.

This impedance analyzer was developed to enable people access to a low cost scientific measurement and testing device. Electronic, electro-acoustic and other systems can be used with this device to measure the impedance, phase and amplitude responses. The software that comes with the C60 is extremely powerful and will produce a range of graphs.

Any devices that you wish to use test and analyze impedance can be connected to the output BNC and the complex impedance will appear on your computer screen. The impedance will be displayed as magnitude and phase against frequency

For more details on the C6 impedance analyzer please contact us or view the technical specifications on the products page.



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