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Phase Response

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three low pass filter modules were tested using the C60. These filters have an Elliptic response, which means that they have stop band transmission zeros. The phase response performs a rapid 180° transition when the test frequency passes through a perfect zero.

Phase response is how a part of an intermittent signal both in it's output and input phase relates to the device its signal is being passed through such as a filter.

The C60 has an extremely accurate phase response more details can be found in the PDF version of the user manual which is available here online at our website.

The C60 impedance analyser has software that uses windows based technology to create advanced graphs so all test results can easily be displayed on a computer monitor or laptop screen. Each graph can use two separate parameter plots each of which can have one thousand test points. You can create your own user text fields and have a multiple number of plots.

The frequency sweeps include stationary, logarithmic and linear as well as logarithm and linear frequency axis. The user can set the settling time automatically.

If you require a network analyser with an accurate phase response then the C60 should be the product that you seriously consider, it has been designed by experts who were looking for an analyser that they could use themselves so it has been designed by a user with the users in mind and is available at a very low cost.

The control interface is extremely easy to use and as it uses windows based plotting software. You can also use the copy and paste function for plotting between graphs as all the graphs relating to the phase response are transferred digitally via the USB you can easily exchange and verify graphs electronically in a wide variation of document formats all related to windows, which you just need to attach to an email or take advantage of instant messaging file sending properties or one of the many other document drop sites available on the internet.



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